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The Humiliating Reason I Swore off Poetry Forever: Thread

Happy World Poetry Day! Here’s my thread and painfully embarrassing story on why I swore off poetry forever because why not?  It nearly destroyed my teenage self but it’s kind of funny I guess. Enjoy! So today is #WorldPoetryDay. Here's the story behind why I swore off poetry at age 11. — Nicole ☀️At Sunrise […]

Not Pretty Enough: A&F Model Comments on my Nose & Skin Color

Hey guys! As you wait between blogs just thought I would give you a little nibble of what I woke up to this morning and continue to get from Abercrombie employees after I published the first article. It reflects the sad non-inclusive attitude that saturates that company still. I’m currently working on a Stand your […]

“Not Pretty Enough” An Open Letter to Abercrombie From One Of Your Managers Part 1

Hello, My name is Nicole and I have worked for your company as an assistant manager at the same store in Tallahassee Governors Square Mall for two years now. You may know me better as one of the “uglies” who help run your stores. Over my two years as a manager, I have been shamed […]