First Visit to The Edison For Brunch

Today was the first day The Edison was open to the public here in Tallahassee! Won’t go into a full review just yet but for first impressions, it was a really nice space and the food was tasty. More below!


Food: Since it was a soft open of brunch, the menu was buffet style and came with a complimentary mimosas or drink of your choice. Already, points for style. They had your standard eggs, sausage, açaí berry parfait and croissants. I absolutely loved

the beef tips & brussel sprouts but I’m more excited to experience the full might of their full menu when it debuts. *Brunch takes place from 11am to 2pm Saturday and Sunday.


Drinks: I’d heard whispers about the greatness of the Rosewater Lemonade Cocktail (they have a virgin option as well) and it didn’t disappoint. It was a uniquely refreshing drink with a beautiful flower garnish. The Rosewater Lemonade was as enjoyable as the porch view of the waterfall in Cascades Park and the Florida State Capitol building. If you stop by, be sure to get it! The mimosas were lovely too. *Always drink responsibly and if necessary, be sure to make like Drake and “call ya a#$ a UBER.”


Location: The placement is amazing. Love that the owners decided to renovate the old electrical building now nestled in Cascades Park. Again, the views are great and with the restaurant’s picnic offer, diners can have the option of enjoying the food of The Edison in house or in Cascades Park. That’s pretty much the best of both worlds.

Atmosphere: When you walk  in, you hear southern folk music humming along with the clinking of silverware and the flurry of conversation. Every now and then, the clanking and chugging of trains can be heard. Makes for a unique environment for sure. The great floor to ceiling windows on a beautiful Florida day makes the space positively joyful. Clear care went into  the contemporary rustic design down to the copper cocktail shakers. We made sure to hang out inside and outside on one of the restaurant’s porches where live music was playing. *Side note: Whoever is in charge of the music selection inside must love the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack. Like, really love it. Not a slight at all, we have that in common… Some of George Clooney’s best work but I digress.





Bottom Line: The Edison is an enjoyable space for sure! Can’t wait to spend more time there and experience all the restaurant has to offer. I definitely recommend a visit. Be sure to check their facebook page for info on what times they are open. #EdisonTally


3 thoughts on “First Visit to The Edison For Brunch

  1. Lovely post and great remarks accorded to the Restaurant (The Edison)! I agree, one does get the best of both worlds, being both Cascades Park and the UpStyle Restaurant nearby!! I will have to make my way there very soon!! Thanks Nicole!

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