Do take note.
Do take note.
  1. Comments do not rule my life. Anonymous comments from others, likewise, should not run yours (pro tip!). I began writing during the emergence of “the comment section” -the dreaded comment section to be exact. These are the rules of the site (the first one again being not allowing rando negative people to ruin your day).
  2. Do not write a personal essay response in the comment section. Seriously. I spend a good amount of time contemplating and publishing content here! I don’t want to nor do I have to share this space with my haters. Dude! (I’m mostly trolled by men) Chill out! Keep your vitriol to 100 words or less.
  3. Speaking of vitriol, your personal/silly/willfully ignorant attacks will be quickly identified and summarily ignored. If your comment is unduly negative, you won’t see it published BELIEVE ME (*Donald Trump voice).
  4. Thoughtful analysis, even if critical is more than welcome! Hey, the mind is ever evolving and expanding.. I love folks who build or counter ideas in a way to make them better, richer. Feel free to do that.
  5. Do not feel free to fight in the comment section. I put up with that on Twitter but NO MORE! Not in my little corner of the internet, “NOT ON MY WATCH” (my non-lethal, definitely not a bomb watch #IStandWithAhmed).
  6. Okay have fun!
  7. Do not disappoint me.

(This list is subject to change. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about “Tha Rules” please call the toll-free number 1-800-JESUS-ONTHEMAINLINE and a representative will be more than happy to assist you! Thank you and have a nice day!)