Hunger: First Impressions

YEP I still have the 20% sticker on #DealWithIt #DiscountLIFE 🙌🏾

Had to let yall know I’ve been able to secure a copy of this amazing book and it’s right on the top of the summer reading list. Not a big non-fiction reader but Roxane Gay is my exception (romantic comedy ending scene style). It’s a  rare thing, no monsters, aliens or bloodthirsty Faeries but already I’m riveted.

Brace yourself for the first chapters as you adjust to seeing the world through Roxane Gay’s eyes -rather as you settle into a new body. She’s not here to deliver a soothing Continue reading

Spreading the Good News: Peonie Edition

The view today as I struggle to eat crackers and soup 🤕 it’s a nice one!

Upon wandering aimlessly around town the other day I happened upon a blessing I thought to share with you!  Peonies are near the top of my list of favorite flowers and because they’re only available certain times of year just builds my infatuation with them. Welp! found some for $6.99 at Trader Joe’s. That’s incredible. Was accosted by strangers several times on the way home Continue reading