Marvel Mondays

Yall have until Monday before the Captain Marvel discussion begins full force. Saw it twice and headed in for a third go tomorrow. It’s an experience. After that we’re counting down to Avengers Endgame with fan theories, reflections and wallowing over losing our OG Avengers. Alright now go enjoy that movie and shouts to Frederick Joseph for creating the #CaptainMarvelChallenge. Was happy to support young girls being able to see this film, it’s a game changer


Sleepy Hollow Finale Shocker

Abbbie Mills Deserves Better

Can we have a therapeutic venting session in the comments? The very walls of #Icchabbie Tumblr & Twitter shook when Sleepy Hollow decided to take the show in a very shocking direction in that


They k*lled Abbie Mills. Calls at the beginning of the hour to renew the show (#renewsleepyhollow) transformed to #cancelsleepyhollow along with a large portion on the fan base swearing off the show forever. There are many justifiable reasons to be displeased with the choices the show runners made but here I focus on the racial tropes many actors of color get boxed into particularly Black Women in Fantasy and Sci-fi.

Also we should unpack why actress Nicole Beharie would feel compelled to leave the show in the first place. Very public examples exist of her being excluded from activities other cast members participated in. The show was marketed as two leads Tom Mison and Nikkie Beharie playing Ichabod Crane and Abbigail Mills as equals and dependents so the sloppy way Abbie was killed 17 minutes into the episode then pronounced herself to be Crane’s steeping stone was a huge disappointment.

If anything Sleepy Hollow backlash can at least serve as an example of how not to relegate the inclusive components of your show to the backround. Sleepy Hollow has lost a viewer but perhaps this example can stress to show runners and writers in the future the importance of inclusion not only in front of the camera but also behind it. Were you upset by what happened? Let me know!

“You hate to see it.”

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Nicole Nichelle: NEW YouTube Channel!

We are going to YouTube!

Check out My first video discussing the Meagan Good DeVon Franklin controversy and the Mac Cosmetics racist Instagram meltdown that gave rise to the #prettylipsperiod trend!

Hope you enjoy! More writing to come! Click the strange image of the waving  Black girl to get to my new YouTube channel! If you like it, subscribe!

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Not Pretty Enough: A&F Model Comments on my Nose & Skin Color

Hey guys! As you wait between blogs just thought I would give you a little nibble of what I woke up to this morning and continue to get from Abercrombie employees after I published the first article. It reflects the sad non-inclusive attitude that saturates that company still. I’m currently working on a Stand your Ground piece and  will get back to the “Not Pretty Enough” series after. Thanks for your patience and don’t let people like this dictate your life. I do hope this exchange brings you a couple of laughs. Below is a comment I approved and the email I sent in return. I usually approve and ignore but responses of this type are still far too common. Abercrombie, please correctly apply your standards of diversity and inclusion so your employees don’t surf the net saying such ignorant things on your behalf. If not, I guess I’ll try and correct that flawed thinking for you. For now. #EraseExclusion 

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“Not Pretty Enough” An Open Letter to Abercrombie From One Of Your Managers Part 1



My name is Nicole and I have worked for your company as an assistant manager at the same store in [Florida] Mall for two years now. You may know me better as one of the “uglies” who help run your stores. Over my two years as a manager, I have been shamed for my weight, hair, my face and punished for my refusal to shame my employees and co-workers for those same reasons. The fact I have recruited and had nine managers hired means nothing to this company. That I was bullied into running my store for three months during the highest grossing time of the year (Black Friday/Christmas) without store manager title or pay is mere hogwash since my look doesn’t fit the narrow ideal that Abercrombie & Fitch covets above all else. My contributions to this company have been large, coming out of pocket to travel to Lakeland, Florida over $600 and working 57 hour work weeks when managers quit en masse. Despite all this and also being awarded by the office of Diversity and Inclusion for various contests, at least two times that I know of my direct supervisor has been told that I don’t have the “look” to be promoted in the company. Put frankly (and in the words of one of my many District Managers) I am not pretty enough.

I write this as an attempt to get Abercrombie District, Regional and Home Office officials toContinue reading ““Not Pretty Enough” An Open Letter to Abercrombie From One Of Your Managers Part 1″