Crowd Sourcing

The process of connecting with large groups of people (audiences) on the internet who are tapped for their knowledge, time, expertise or resources.


Even the first edition of the Oxford Dictionary was crowd sourced! Never feel bad about making up words! They literally called a bunch of people together to help define the modern english language!

Shakespeare did it too.

This is an iphone. Watch ya data!

So... How does this help me?

Personal Example


Practical Application

Problem: A current client who is touchy about... video schedules. Could we perhaps crowd source his +50k instagram audience for the video they would like to see?
*In a perfect world. Work with me here!

How To Best Crowdsource For a Client?

Brainstorm time!
With the resources available in Instagram, a prized platform for unnamed client™ how could we best source the next video they want to see? Poll? SM competition?

Haha I've tricked you all into account planning.

This is an iphone. Watch ya data!
"Thank you! If you provide value for your audience, in my experience you have a prime environment for crowd-sourcing. The worst they can say is no and even that provides a path forward."
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