Chris Jamal Evans

Here are all the flavors of Chris Jamal Evans yall had me cook up. Hope it brings a smile to your face or moves a pen that hasn’t graced a page in a while. Enjoy friends!


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By Nicole Nichelle

*The #CaptainAcrylica girl, yes.

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You all asked so here they are all in one place! Will be updating and building out this page as the day goes on. Don’t mind my website! Currently rebuilding it to make it more accessible/ ADA compliant + stylish and purty. If you have any issues viewing this page, email and I’ll do my best to work it out with you! Thanks everyone for sharing the laughs and of course Chris Jamal Evans for being such a dynamic performer. You make it easy sis.


Chris Evans Vs. Chris Jamal Evans


The Tales of Chris Jamal Evans

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous woman on Black Twitter with a wild imagination and a functioning wifi connection...

Where did Chris Jamal come from? Well, we've met... kinda.

It's a long story involving some of the funniest ppl on Black Twitter and acrylics but Chris was here for the manicured messiness -will tell yall later. I just gave him a nickname that kinda stuck. Maybe a little too much...

Stupid Chris Evans Tweet Nicole is going to JAIL

Chris Evans vs. Chris Jamal Evans

Just a little housekeeping explaining the difference between the two men for scientific purposes. The meme is a contribution from yours truly during the Popeyes explosion on Black Twitter a few months back.

Yet people came from far and wide to partake in her antics. They wished upon the clownery star and requested she tell great tales of the mysterious Chris Jamal Evans...

She obliged the Twitter Townspeople. Laughter and sighs reverberated all around their tiny corner of the digital realm...

Stupid Chris Evans Tweet Nicole is going to JAIL

Only a little sorry for this one yall. The stories immediately escalated but you asked so EYE answered!

A Little Update

Stupid Chris Evans Tweet Nicole is going to JAIL

To be continued???

What yall think? Tell me your favorite Chris!

She obliged the calls for a few more tales. Including the tragic story of Chris Jamal Evans and Cheerleader Isis.

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