The Humiliating Reason I Swore off Poetry Forever: Thread

Happy World Poetry Day!

Here’s my thread and painfully embarrassing story on why I swore off poetry forever because why not?  It nearly destroyed my teenage self but it’s kind of funny I guess. Enjoy! Continue reading

Your Boyfriend’s Aftershave Is the Key to a $5.00 Makeup Miracle


Listen up, I’m about to share a major key. Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 11.40.08 AM* DJ Khaled voice

Seriously. Before trying it out, the doubt for this makeup hack was real. I have sensitive skin #HypoallergenicOnFleek and am pretty skeptical about the hacks that seem to pop up every week – spoon contouring… really?

To be 100% honest, the main reasoning for trying this hack was:

1. Ran out of my Sephora free samples.

2. An unwillingness to pay 30 stones for more primer. *Neauxp!

3. I’m one free sample away from being entered into Sephora’s “Banned From Free Perks” database. It exists. Prove me wrong.

So after heeding the advice of beauty super blogger Continue reading